Crazy city living

These two beautifully built urban houses appear unassuming at first glance, but don’t be fooled. Builder Koala Yummies has sprinkled them with all manner of imaginative ideas. Let’s take the tour and see what’s hidden behind the façade.


Around the back there are luscious climbing plants, bee’s nests and a birdhouse attached to the wall.


Up close we also find the owner’s pet pig and robot gardener at work


In the lobby everyone is gathered around a three-dimensional map. What is this place?


The kitchen is overflowing with LEGO produce. Hot dogs, chicken, crab, it’s your choice.


Upstairs everyone’s hard at work on their computers. Check out the “Believe!” cat poster, straight out of The LEGO Movie, on the wall behind them (it appeared as an easter egg in the Ninjago City set).


Things only get stranger when we visit the lab.


Right at the top we have a fully decorated apartment, which features a host of clever interior décor details.


Finally we have two more surprises out front: mobile cake van and ice cream truck, each done in a Japanese dekotora style.


What Koala Yummies was thinking when they built this amazing creation I don’t know, but I do know I absolutely love it!

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  1. David Stelzer

    I don’t think that’s a three-dimensional map. They’re obviously playing “Cones Of Dunshire”. :)

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