An office with a view

Whatever people may think about Darth Vader’s regime, there’s no doubting his taste for classy work spaces. Whether he’s working from his head office or on a business trip to a distant system, the interior and the views he and his staff enjoy are to be envied. Brick Ninja perfectly captures his excellent model of the Imperial Super Star Destroyer Executor, so perfect it looks almost exactly like a shot from The Empire Strikes Back.

Executor Bridge

And it’s not just a pretty-looking diorama, but a proper copy of the ship’s bridge. While the front of the bridge is for admiring the fleet, there are some important business meetings happening on its other side.

No Discintegrations

3 comments on “An office with a view

  1. Tupperfan

    Great creation, and another reminder of how upsetting it must be to be the ship’s Health & Safety officer. Given the Empire’s track record, if there are any chance this job would ever exist, they can’t survive long…

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