An ultracompact TIE-fighter for those living in busy supercities

Despite its simplicity, for many years the famous TIE-fighter remains one of the most popular subjects for building experiments among LEGO fans. Inthert‘s restless imagination creates some of the most usual versions of the most iconic star-fighters. Now, the latest TIE-Proteus is a particularly cute subject, definitely devised in an attempt to solve traffic problems around the largest of the First Order’s bases.

First Order TIE-Proteus

Jokes aside, this very smart design features a whole bunch of brilliant solutions, among which I particularly love simple, yet amazingly elegant landing gear.

First Order TIE-Proteus (3)

2 comments on “An ultracompact TIE-fighter for those living in busy supercities

  1. Purple Dave

    What?!?!? TIEs aren’t allowed to have landing gear! It encourages the pilots to value their own lives, and could lead to defection. They’re supposed to launch, knowing that if they don’t succeed, there are things worse than death awaiting them should they return to base in failure. So, buck up and fly into the face of death. Repeatedly, if necessary. Crash intentionally, if that’s what it comes down to. Just don’t report failure in person.

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