Hell yes: the fearsome Lucifer-class Vic Viper drone

Marcin Grabowski is back with another angular starship- his latest creation looks like a scrapheap reject ready to take on the world.

Lucifer class Vic Viper drone - front left

Marcin’s starkly yellow and gray tubular creation was a contribution to the annual “Novvember” celebration of all things Vic Viper-related from the old Gradius series of video games (something of a rite of passage for LEGO space builders that just celebrated its 10th year). Up close this model looks like a gigantic mess, but when you zoom out and take in the whole drone fighter, the cobbled-together bits mesh together into a terrifying machine. I like the engine thrusters pointed off haphazardly in the shot below. I don’t know why Marcin named it Lucifer, but I’d be flying like hell away from it.

Lucifer class Vic Viper drone - rear left

This starship is another in an impressive series of aggressive, spiny sci-fi models that Marcin has shared online. One of my favorites is his Naga-class light starfighter.