F is for Ford fitted with a fantastic folding top

Pixeljunkie continues to delight with his series of LEGO cars. This time, he turned to the Brass Era with a tiny 1915 Ford Model T roadster pickup. The Model T was the car that made driving more accessible to the general public, and Pixeljunkie’s model is a sharp-looking replica that conceals an amazing feature.

Ford Model T

The thing that makes his car especially impressive is the incorporation of a working folding top. A stop-motion video showcases how smooth this feature is.

Just like his 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air, Pixeljunkie documents his Model T as if it were a restoration. Over the past few weeks, he has teased us with images leading up to the finished product. It all started with this group of mechanics carefully looking over a set of plans. Look carefully, and you’ll notice the one minifigure has a Ford tattoo on his arm. You might say it is a “FORDshadowing” of things to come!

Yet Another Auto Shop Diorama

With plans mapped out, it’s time to work on the chassis. Pixeljunkie is known for his attention to detail, which is why his chassis is so intricate and convincing-looking. There are even wooden chocks placed in front of the wheels to hold the chassis in place.

Model T Chassis

With the chassis work completed, the mechanics make sure the engine is in good, working order. Judging by the one guy’s hair, the test appears to be a success.

Engine Test

After that, it’s time to carefully fit the body to the chassis. It’s worth noting the grille in this picture, which is not carried over into the finished design. Perhaps the mechanics are taking a hot rod and restoring it to original condition.

Once the T is fully restored, the big day for unveiling the car is finally here. This scene with the garage door opening reveals beaming headlights and gorgeous brass work, including the iconic Ford script on the radiator.

Model T

Pixeljunkie’s finished product is a sight to behold and is slick enough to sit on a custom-built display stand. The way the fenders flow into the running boards is pleasing to the eye, and the brass makes for an excellent contrast with the black body. In addition to the working folding top, other fun details include the tiny hand crank and how LEGO seats were used to form the subtle curves on the left and right sides of the body.

Model T