Taking a tiny shot at castle

We see many grand castles and medieval scenes built out of LEGO all over the internet, but sometimes it is the little gems that make you go “wow!” Today’s “wow” is alego alego‘s microscale castle series, which focus on interesting parts usages.

We’ll start with the sea castle, as well as some of his other microscale castle creations  The latest build is particularly neat, using stud shooters as towers connected by tiny staircases. My favourite part is that the shooters have the triggers inserted, so technically, one could shoot the tops off the towers!

Micro Seacastle

The next castle also uses shooting action bricks, combined with some beautiful printed parts, capturing a winter wonderland in only a handful of pieces.

Ice Castle

Another completely different style of fantasy castle is this Elves-themed one, filled with natural details like leaves and flowers.

Micro castle elves

And to conclude, let’s take a look at the builder’s two castles in jars. The first is a heavenly and bright castle, making great use of minifig jetpacks for most of the walls and towers.

Château ensorcelé

The second castle in a jar uses a Nexo Knights wheel piece as a rocky base and really sets an intense demonic atmosphere with contrasting black, red, and translucent orange in the castle itself.

Bewitched castle

And be sure to check out some of TBB-regular alego alego’s other amazing microscale castles that we’ve highlighted recently, such as Soaring TowersFairy Tale Castle, or the Transylvanian Castle.

1 comment on “Taking a tiny shot at castle

  1. Purple Dave

    “My favourite part is that the shooters have the triggers inserted, so technically, one could shoot the tops off the towers!”

    Maybe. That only works with solid studs. The stud shooter has a recessed stud on the back, so the lower right shooter won’t actually do anything. The upper right shooter doesn’t even have the trigger because the tap wouldn’t fit otherwise. The left shooter _may_ actually work, but only if that’s a regular 1×1 round plate and not one with a hollow stud (since both parts come in white). For myself, if I had built that, I would have made a point of putting the hollow stud version in there just so it _won’t_ shoot, since I already do that very same thing anytime I use a stud shooter on any display minifig. But it would certainly be possible to build something like this with most or all of the shooting functionality intact.

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