Creature from the Brick Lagoon

Logey Bear’s latest LEGO build was inspired by the Creature from the Black Lagoon and includes a number of scary-good part choices. Front and center is an alien clinger from the Alien Conquest theme bringing fun curvy details to the face. It pairs exceptionally well with the minifigure arms that surround the eyes. A pair of bigfig arms are cleverly used as upper legs and several pairs of flippers are used for the webbed feet and gills.

Gill Man

1 comment on “Creature from the Brick Lagoon

  1. Purple Dave

    It looks super goofy with such squat proportions, but the Creature is by far my favorite Universal Monster. I even got to watch a 3D screening of the original movie last year.

    As for parts, I also see an original Kanohi, a Krana, and a couple limb parts from Bionicle. The feet and hands date back to the Throwbots. I’m not sure which hose runs around the head, but it’s a flexible rubber hose that hasn’t been used in some time rather than a piece of flex tube.

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