Although I’m up to date with all the movies in DC’s cinematic “Extended Universe” it’s not the part of their media empire I’m most familiar with. Instead, I get to blame my kids for every episode of Cartoon Network’s “Teen Titans GO!” that I’ve had to suffer through (and then eventually succumb to). It is unapologetic in its juvenile humor and will break down your will to resist and then begins to hammer home with clever gags, running jokes, and surprise DC comic character cameos.

Which brings me to this humongous LEGO scene from builder Living Rave in Canada. The cacophony of the show is perfectly encapsulated in this diorama that features the iconic Titans Tower just offshore from Jump City, which is appropriately under attack from every direction.

"Teen Titans GO!" title screen intro.

The elaborate build is enhanced with the addition of official characters thanks to the waves of minifigures released with LEGO Dimensions and the LEGO Batman Movie Collectible Minifigures series. I also love the giant brick-built TTG logo in the background. There’s even a brick-built version of their strongest enemy, the demonic Trigon, who also happens to be heroine Raven’s father.

Raven faces off with Trigon!!

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  1. Purple Dave

    Whenever I put out my TTG minifigs, inevitably a group of Millennials spots it and starts jabbering about how great the Teen Titans show was. I love the look of the blood draining out of their faces when they realize that, no, this is _not_ Teen Titans, but the infinitely better (to anyone except Millennials, for some reason) Teen Titans Go!

    But seriously, it’s weird. Kids prefer TTG (for a while there I expected Cartoon Network to be rebranded as TTG Network), and people who were adults by the time Teen Titans came out and never really got on the anime bandwagon seem to prefer TTG as well. But there’s this pocket of people who were still growing up when Teen Titans was aired who seem to think it’s the best thing since sliced bread, and can’t wrap their minds around the fact that it got cancelled, that by the end of its fifth season TTG will have nearly doubled the runtime of Teen Titans (with over four times as many episodes), and now the final insult is that instead of wrapping up with a TV movie, TTG got a theatrical release…and kept going.

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