Ariel and these other LEGO Disney characters just want to be part of your world!

Ariel and Ursula recently joined the ever-growing ranks of Disney LEGO characters available in Brickhead form… but today we’re talking about a very different version of these two iconic characters from The Little MermaidMike Nieves has built a well-crafted model of Ariel dramatically posed as she expresses her longing to be part of the world outside her beloved ocean. Her flowing red hair looks very much like it’s on-screen inspiration, and the use of several green curved tiles along her lower body creates the perfect scaly look.

ArielOf course, Ariel is just the start of Mike’s Disney character lineup.

Mike’s model of Ursula makes good use of plenty of light purple elements and some wonderfully curved tentacles using very deliberately positioned studs as suction cups.

Poor unfortunate soul

My personal favorite of Mike’s recent models would have to be Tinkerbell. Between her delicately curving wings made from transparent light blue plates and slopes, her gravity-defying flower stand, and her instantly recognizable pose, there is so much to love.
TinkerbellAnd if you’re in the mood for some cute characters that are a little less Disney, check out Mike’s adorable version of the Pokemon Eevee.