Stug mkIII, a mech for the mean streets

Singapore-based Benjamin Cheh Ming Hann is no stranger to The Brothers Brick, with a huge array of top-tier, futuristic mecha and starships to his name (oh, and bugs). His latest creation continues to wow us as he presents a meaty mech that is bristling with weaponry and optional armor. The Stug mkIII features a colorful blend of chunky slopes and joints that I found really exciting as someone who has struggled to complete substantial mech models in the past. I also appreciate the nearly studless look, which is typical for Benjamin. This model would fit right at home with his prior work KURA IAM model.

I really like the work that went into the backside of the model, although it feels like there is a bit of an overuse of the awesome yet ubiquitous 2×2 turntable top.

"Stug” Scara Therium IAD ST111 MarkIII

The extra armor over the mech’s legs is a nice extra touch to give this armored walker even more of an advantage in the urban battlefield.

"Stug” Scara Therium IAD ST111 MarkIII

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