Blaze the stars in the Space Battleship Yamato

Resurrected from its ocean grave after an apocalyptic event in the year 2199, Japan’s famous WWII battleship became an unlikely spaceship in the classic anime Star Blazers. Builder marchetti36 has masterfully recreated it in microscale, giving it a nifty display base and a fleet of smaller craft.

Despite the relatively small scale, there are lots of great touches of detail. One of the best is the design for the space battleship’s bridge, which consist of trans-neon green 1×1 plates turned sideways and set on an angle.

Space Battleship Yamato 008

5 comments on “Blaze the stars in the Space Battleship Yamato

  1. Andrew

    It’s rare that I agree with the usual clamor of “This needs to be on LEGO Ideas,” but in this case I couldn’t agree more! The size, scale, and subject matter are all perfect for LEGO Ideas — just look at the success of the Voltron project.

  2. Clayton Marchetti

    Thanks Sean, @ crimson jester: I did not make instructions. Me and computers do not get along :-). @ Andrew: I have thought about putting it on Lego Ideas but until this posting I didn’t think there was enough interest. @ C.A.S. Yes the wave motion gun is there. The hanger bay door opens too. There are more pictures of this ship on my Flickr page. Thanks all and thank you Chris for blogging my ship I really appreciate it.

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