Aggretsuko: Twenty five, single, Scorpio, blood type A

Say hello to Aggretsuko (アグレッシブ烈子), the latest character from the creators of Hello Kitty. By day, this red panda is a gentle and kind accountant, doing the best she can in a job she loathes. But by night, she blows off steam by shedding the cutesy look for that of a raging death-metal karaoke enthusiast!

Originally aired as a series of shorts on Japanese television, the adventures of Retsuko have finally arrived on Western shores in the form of a Netflix original series. Taking inspiration from this unexpectedly kawaii take on the modern condition, I decided to try and capture Retsuko’s struggle using LEGO bricks:

Indulging my secret fascination with doll house furniture, I also built Aggretsuko in both her day time and night time environments. Office Retsuko comes with a cornucopia of office furniture, including the hated copy machine, while after-hours Retsuko comes with a fully tricked-out Karaoke system and a table full of healthy snacks.

Hopefully fans of the new show will spot the easter egg in each of these two scenes!

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