Hobbiton is more than just Bag End!

The excellent photography and advanced building techniques may be what drew my attention to this creation by Patrick B., but they are not the most interesting part to me. What is so unique about this creation is the accompanying description, crediting a handful of builders who inspired Patrick’s Sandyman’s Mill, either by building their own versions prior or as Patrick’s sources for some techniques used. It is normal for builders to both reuse previously discovered techniques and credit their sources, but I rarely see it like this particular example. It almost reads like a scientific publication!

Sandyman´s Mill

When I started my Shire project one year ago I wasn´t sure if I should make a Sandyman´s Mill creation, because there are some fantastic versions from @TheBrickAvenger and from @Roanoke Handybuck and I really enjoyed their MOCs. Nevertheless my Hobbiton project would never be complete without a Sandymans Mill creation, for that reason I finally I decided to make that MOC. The versions from @TheBrickAvenger and from @Roanoke Handybuck were a big inspiration for me, so please be sure to check out their versions,too :)

I tried to include some new techniques, like for instance for the fishing pole, the stork´s nest and I also used the head of the Bith musician as a bag.

Credits to @Markus Rollbühler for use of the epaulette´s as a flower & the use of the 1×1 slopes for the roof, to @jsnyder002 for the water and like in my previous Shire creations the flower box is inspired by @Travis Brickle and the door with the upside down plates is inspired by @Simon NH.

Of course, the description is far from the main part here, it is merely the most unique. The photography, as mentioned at start, is gorgeous, with the water fading into the clean white background and without a bothering reflection visible anywhere on the build.

Sandyman´s Mill

The diorama is full of realistic textures, details and clever usage of parts. Great examples of the latter are a Bith musician’s head used as a bag and a flower made out of minifig epaulets. My favourite part is the beautifully textured wall, made out of stacked plates connected with minifig hands, which makes the whole thing at least a little bit sturdier.