A bridge beneath the tracks

There is so much about this little scene that stands out as awesome. Regularly featured here on TBB, excellent master builder Tim Schwalfenberg does it again with his River Crossing. He says, “You can’t really have a train without some sort of track to display it on,” so he built one. The textures and colours of the rocks and foliage are impeccable. The intricate detail that has gone into the iron framework of the span across the turbulent rapids is amazing, and the brilliant red engine leaps out from the subtle textures of the natural colours and contours on the cliff face.

River Crossing

1 comment on “A bridge beneath the tracks

  1. Purple Dave

    I think the correct expression would be, “You can’t really have a track without some sort of train to display it under.” The train doesn’t really jump out at me, but everything about this looks like it’s all designed to show off the bridge.

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