An abandoned hangar leads to a remake of a classic LEGO train set

Alexis Dos Santos has been chugging along with some new train models, and this rustic scene consists of two separate structures. Alexis’ “Abandoned Hangar” on the left serves as a tribute to the history of trains, while the building on the right celebrates the history of LEGO trains. I really enjoy the way these two buildings play off of one another, with the darkness of the hangar giving way to the bright and colorful rail yard.

Abandoned Hangar

Alexis’ building on the right is a fun re-imagining of LEGO train set #165, Cargo Station. Set #165 was released in 1978, the same year LEGO introduced the first modern minifigures with poseable legs and arms! For his interpretation, Alexis took into account the expanded palette of parts and design techniques found in more modern LEGO sets. A few artistic liberties have been taken, such as mixing in some darker colors and increasing the height of the tower. However, Alexis has still managed to preserve the overall spirit of the original set.

Redux Cargo Station 165

The abandoned hangar looks like a nice spot for storing supplies, rail cars not in use…and maybe a feral cat or two. Given Alexis’ remake of set #165, I’d be interested in seeing what he might come up with in terms of a fully restored hangar. I smell a timeline-themed build!

Abandoned Hangar