Rose and Jar Jar as BrickHeadz

When it comes to Star Wars fans, we have pretty strong feelings about many of the characters introduced over the years, which is evident in the wide variety of cosplay at comic and popular culture conventions. A few characters have generated serious hate, with Jar Jar Binks widely regarded as the worst Star Wars character ever. While I personally don’t have any issues with Rose Tico from Star Wars: The Last Jedi, it seems some folks place her in the same category.

No matter how you might feel about Rose or Jar Jar, it’s hard to deny that they make great BrickHeadz models. LEGO 7 has successfully interpreted these characters in the style of the BrickHeadz theme, which is not an easy thing for non-human species.

Rose & Jar Jar

One of my very favorite features that really completes Rose is her stun prod. LEGO 7 has also put together another pair of characters that would make a great BrickHeadz double pack: Sith Apprentice Darth Maul and his nemesis, Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Darth Maul & Obi-Wan

12 comments on “Rose and Jar Jar as BrickHeadz

  1. iHateStarWars

    Do you want a feature on Brothers Brick? Do you have zero creativity? Well build something Star Wars and be exactly like everyone else! No thinking necessary! Terms and conditions may apply.

  2. rodiziorobs

    Hmmm. Username checks out…

    The Jar Jar one is clever but misses the mark. It has gone too far in trying to look like the character–which it does–that it strays from the core BH model; I think its the face, it’s not cubic enough. Chibi? Yes. BH? Not quite.

  3. Jonathan Woodward

    A lot of the people who hate Rose are racist, calling her a “non-human species” is racist, and doing Rose’s eyes differently because her actress is Asian is racist. For cryin’ out loud.

    (Anyone who is about to start arguing about “humans” in a galaxy “far, far away” should go read a Wookieepedia article on the topic, and stop making excuses for racism.)

  4. The Anonymous Hutt


    So…by building the rose brickhead realistically, the builder is racist? I am confused as to how realism is racist.

  5. The Anonymous Hutt


    Do you actually look at the stuff featured here? This is the best fan site in the world!

  6. Daniel Post author

    Jonathan Woodward, I should have made it clear in my write-up that I was referring to Jar Jar as an example of a non-human character.

  7. Daniel Post author

    rodiziorobs, I agree that Jar Jar is a slight departure from the blocky template, but I think the choices here are well thought out.

  8. Ted A.

    Jampot and Jonathan – You both realize that LEGO 7 is a builder from Taiwan, right? I’m pretty certain his motivations to design Rose’s eyes in that way weren’t with any of the intents that you are implying.

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