Stunning LEGO castle towers over the forest

Respect the Crown! And respect the LEGO building on display in this fabulous Castle diorama by LegoLord. There’s a cute little town nestled in amongst the forest, an impressive church and gatehouse, and towering over it all, an impressive fortress of a castle.

Dawnwood Castle

The castle walls are superbly detailed, with a great mix of textured parts, muted colours, and building techniques. Large-scale LEGO Castle creations can fall into the “big grey wall” trap, but not here — it’s excellent work all round, the eye rewarded with beautiful touches wherever it falls…

Dawnwood Castle

The forest surrounding the buildings is a lovely bit of landscaping, with the trees executed in a wide selection of colours, and as much attention lavished on the undergrowth as on the forestry itself…

Dawnwood Castle

The town features buildings in the classic LEGO Castle “Mock Tudor” style, but the variation in colour and detailing, coupled with some “off the grid” angled placement gives it a lovely sense of place and slow evolution. Towns and villages don’t just spring into being, and having a sense of haphazard development lends more realism to this sort of scene. Of course, the realism might be undermined by the presence of a big golden dragon, but it’s a fantasy setting, so we’ll let that slide!

Dawnwood Castle

To cap it all, the builder has also put together a delightful microscale version of the larger diorama, with all the major details present and correct. Brilliant stuff.

Dawnwood Mini

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  1. TemporalSword

    Dang, that is impressive. I really want to build a great castle and been struggling with a way to make it stand out. This one definitely achieves that!

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