Micro Ninjago City for all your micro ninjas!

I must admit the fascinating set 70620 Ninjago City is one of my biggest LEGO dreams. But the only reason I can’t get it yet is its enormous size; I’m simply running out of empty spaces in my room! Luckily, Simon NH gives me a little hope — a very accurate tiny copy of the set that occupies no more than 12×12 LEGO studs.

Micro Ninjago City

Describing this wonderful creation would be a dreadful challenge of listing each and every single piece used for its facade, because each of them precisely copies countless accessories from the original 70620 set. So, let me call it a magnificent creation and get back to enjoying pictures of it… And if you’re not into ninjas, check out this equally wonderful tiny copy of 21310 Old Fishing Store.

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