A study in landscaping

More often than not, landscaping techniques in LEGO creations serve a secondary purpose, like helping a building or a story feel complete. While this little landscape by Emil Lidé does contain more than just plants and rocks, that hierarchy of motives is inverted here. Instead of the landscape augmenting the “story,” the decrepit wall and building’s remains add some purpose to the dense and diverse foliage.

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Emil has been working on some of the ideas used in this landscape for awhile, like the birch and some of the foliage segments, but joining it all together in a seamless diorama is a challenge by itself. I love parts like bushes and multitudes of bovine horn parts used as tall grass (which makes me regret not buying a thousand of them when I had the chance). Overall this build benefits from both parts repetition and variety — which is probably naturally correlated with the high density of parts, making the build appear larger than it really is.

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