Take up launch positions. Thunderbirds are go!

The form of puppetry used to create Thunderbirds back in 1964 is unique and memorable even by today’s standards, let alone  pulling it off with technology back then. This LEGO replica of the launchpad on Tracy Island is detailed and shows what a huge fan  monstrophonic must be. Thunderbird 3, as depicted in this scene, is the single-stage-to-orbit spacecraft and one of five vehicles piloted by the Thunderbird brothers.


I kinda think its cute that the sofa from their home is the very same one that gets loaded into the spacecraft. I guess you’ll never miss home in space when you have your favourite couch to keep you company!



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  1. Håkan

    It’s a little random how the pun “Thunderbricks” is only present in two of the three images…

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