What can’t a Technic tractor do? [Video]

In its own rights, the 42054 CLAAS XERION 5000 TRAC VC tractor amazes with its sturdy yet functional design. That said, the essence of the tractor is actually doing things, performing work, getting business done. In this spirit, Brick Wall used the CLAAS Xerion tractor model as a platform for some fantastic—and practical—attachments.

Need your lawn mowed? Take a look at this functional, real lawn mower attachment, each blade powered by two motors working in parallel. (In all seriousness, don’t try this at home: those are real razor blades.)

Want to plant some more rose bushes in your flower beds? Consider this trench digger:

Have very small cows? Use this hay baler to gather up and store grass for bovine meals:

Check out Brick Wall’s YouTube channel to see more amazing attachments for the Xerion tractor.