Futurama ship is a LEGO colour conundrum

The U.S.S. Planet Express Ship is the delivery vehicle for Planet Express Delivery Service in the animated TV series Futurama. In keeping with the creator’s other animated characters, the space ship has a distinctive ‘Matt Groening overbite’. Aido K has managed to make an instantly recognisable LEGO version of the ship using a mix of System and Duplo parts. The key part that captures the shape of the ship is the large Duplo airplane fuselage, and the builder has managed to add in all the other features using LEGO bricks to make this fantastic creation.


If you know your Duplo parts, then you may be confused about the build above – the upper fuselage part is only available in red.  Aido explains the magical appearance of his ship – the build is actually red with a blue stripe and and blue lights and he altered the colour hues in the photograph to achieve a green and red ship! Thanks to Aido for sending the original image as it is a beautiful build  in red,  let alone after some photo-manipulation to re-colour in green.

3 comments on “Futurama ship is a LEGO colour conundrum

  1. Purple Dave

    Red would actually be perfect for the other paint job, when the kids took over and renamed it the Awesome Express. I’ve actually been entertaining the idea of building that someday in the far off distant future simply because the part selection is so much easier to work with. And probably a lot cheaper.

  2. Purple Dave

    I tend to forget much of what happened once Comedy Central got ahold of the series. It just wasn’t the same show afterwards. And besides, Awesome Express sounds so much better than “1”. It’d also be possible to produce a grey version for the crew that was lost to Space Bees.

    Either way, red or grey are much easier to get ahold of than “electric mucus”.

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