Log houses never looked this good

In the LEGO creations of today, it seems as though technique is being emphasized more than ever before, especially within the castle genre. It seems as though not a day goes by when I don’t see an innovative way of making an everyday texture. This build by alego alego features a wonderfully designed blacksmith shop, primarily made using various Technic connector parts as individual logs. While I have used one or two of these parts as a single log in my own builds, I never would have conceived of making a whole building out of them, and the result is fantastic.

Cetautomatix’s home

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7 comments on “Log houses never looked this good

  1. Elspeth De Montes

    I don’t think it was missed, perhaps Peter was just focussing on the technic… I mean Obelix is there on the bottom right of the scene…not hidden ;-)

  2. Håkan

    This is apparently the original French name of the Blacksmith. The English translations seem to mostly call him Fulliautomatix.

  3. Esben Meulengracht Flachs

    The best parts use in this, is by far the use of red sausages for Obelix hair. That is a stroke of genius.

  4. Peter Post author

    Yes, I didn’t realize this was based on something, I’m not very well educated in the French classics. XD

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