Top 10 unbelievably life-like objects made out of LEGO

We’re all used to seeing boats, spaceships, and beautiful buildings made of LEGO, but what about the everyday mundane objects of our lives? A few incredible builders can make even ordinary objects look extraordinary, forcing you to look twice lest you be fooled into thinking it’s the real thing. Here at The Brothers Brick we love stuff like this, so we’ve rounded up 10 of the best real-life objects that we’ve featured in 2017.

This Ice Cream Sandwich and Orange Creamsicle by Carl Merriam, Niek, and Milan CMadge look so good that we already feel like it’s summer.

Ice Cream Sandwich and Orange Creamsicle

This old-school Boombox by Jimmy Fortel is loaded with enough details that we’ll bet it even picks up static on the AM channels.

Ghetto Blaster

Look closely at this placid Desk Scene by Grant Davis, and you’ll spy that not only is the classy art-deco fan made of bricks, but so is the pencil and even the paper.

Caged Desk Fan

Try not to think too hard about the fact that the popcorn pieces in this Theater Popcorn Bucket by Dwalin Forkbeard are actually LEGO puppies.


What kind of crazy person tries to make Paper Cranes out of LEGO? Someone like Takamichi Irie, that’s who. Can you tell which one’s LEGO?

Plastic and Paper

Hairdryers and LEGO don’t usually mix with good results, but this set of Hairdressing Tools by David FNJ just looks so perfect.

Hair Dryer, Brush, and Comb

The clever addition of printed labels on this set of  Hors d’oeuvre , Wine, and Beer by Jimmy Fortel makes us really do a double take here.


This classic Adidas Superstar 3-Stripe Trainer by Jimmy Fortel has it all: looks, polish, and swag. If you think it’s easy to make that shape out of plastic LEGO bricks, think again.

Adidas Superstar

Chris McVeigh is the undisputed master of tiny realistic scenes, and this Office Desk takes us straight back to the 90s. We can almost feel the beige setting in.

Everything new is old again

And speaking of the 90’s, how about some of the best cutting-edge tech of yesteryear? French builder Jimmy Fortel brings us this Floppy Disk, Cassette Tape, and VHS Tape as his fourth entry to this list—proving that where he’s concerned, we can no longer tell bricks from truth. Maybe next year we’ll just call this the Jimmy Fortel list.

Abandoned Formats

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