A utopian place to call home

Life can be busy and sometimes we need to find a place that allows us to relax and unwind. Rather than search high and low for that special place, Milan Sekiz has built his own sanctuary with LEGO bricks.  This tranquil scene is beautiful,  with its soothing colour scheme and some very nice natural features in the garden. I love the way the colour combination of the leaves tone in nicely with the sloping roofs of the home in the background.


My own favourite part of the scene is the little stream and the cleverly constructed bridge connecting the stone path. Milan has used different coloured plates under the transparent light blue tiles to give the impression of a textured river bed.


There’s only one minor part of the scene that kicked me from my tranquil, meditative state; the combination of the yellow minifigures and flesh has a jolting effect on my irritable nerve.

3 comments on “A utopian place to call home

  1. Purple Dave

    The fleshies _do_ have a few legitimate uses, but yes, they should generally be yellow. However, I made an Elvira minifig, and it looks better if she’s got a deathly palor. When Mr Freeze leaves people encased in blocks of ice, they too look more appropriate if they appear on the verge of being frostbiten on their entire body. And when my swarm of Alien Conquest clingers are munching on peoples’ brains, it makes sense that they’d look drained of blood.

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