Time to travel to beautiful cityscapes

If you feel nervous about the future and dread the thought of grey concrete buildings taking over our cities, these beautiful microscale futuristic cityscapes by Jeff Friesen should calm your fears. Each unique scene is beautifully crafted, with buildings, transportation links, water, and features like bridges, parks, and flora. The colour schemes have been well thought-out and there are lots of clever details in each scene despite their diminutive size.

It is worth having a closer look at each cityscape. Jeff has used a lovely selection of parts and techniques to create the buildings and add detail to each creations. I love the elevated road in the first scene and the art-Deco style skyscrapers with their minimalistic curves.

The railway bridge is a real eye-catcher in this scene, but I can’t resist the little subterranean metro trains peaking out from beneath the city streets.

As someone who loves the colour Azure, this city scene is definitely one of my favourites. The subtle curves of the rear skyscraper are achieved using 1×2 jumper plates to allow a bit of a twist in the build.

Finally, we have a monorail transport system linking these very futuristic pods. The lime vegetation is a perfect contrast in this clean ascetic cityscape.


11 comments on “Time to travel to beautiful cityscapes

  1. Luke Nutkins

    These are phenomenal.

    I’d give up my first born son for an instruction set and part list for all 4 of these. Simply lovely.

  2. Elspeth De Montes Post author

    @Luke there are more than 4, Jeff has images of his other cityscapes on his Instagram if you click on his emboldened name in the post ?

  3. koffykat

    I don’t usually have such a strong desire to copy another builder’s idea… But these models really make me want to try it. I would never feel comfortable showing anybody though, as they would pale in comparison.

  4. Purple Dave

    The second scene doesn’t seem very futuristic. In fact, with the emphasis on rail transport, and the complex architectural designs, it doesn’t seem particularly modern either. About 100 years ago seems probable.

  5. Elspeth De Montes Post author

    @Jeff it’s my pleasure! I genuinely love your style and these were beautiful shots.

  6. Christopher Edwards

    @Luke Nutkins, there don’t appear to be any crazy building techniques in these. Almost everything is studs-up building. If you put together all of the pieces you can see in the photos, you’ll be most of the way there already and you’ll still have your first born!

    @Jeff, beautiful work! I hadn’t thought about how simple the building techniques were until I decided to respond to Luke, which in a way makes these even more impressive (I certainly don’t mean it as a criticism).

  7. Sheila

    @ Jeff Friesen, these are ‘candy’ for my eye, love the colors used. I look forward to seeing your past and future work, too.

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