Tiny Metal Slug builds you can make for a few quarters

The Metal Slug series of games has some stand out features, and the small vehicles in them have always been a favourite. While we’ve seen some  previous attempts at recreating these vehicles, especially the titular Metal Slug tank, we have never seen them crafted on such a small scale. wing hong chan has created four instantly recognisable builds from the games.

Logo moc metal slug 機甲The central mech actually fits a full minifigure, and there’s an impressive side build with the “IN” instruction and red arrow.  Aside from the three above,  there’s also the jet which, like the mech, fits a minifigure.

Moc Lego metal slug 戰鬥機

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  1. Elspeth De Montes

    Hi Harley. These were made by a fan builder and if you click his emboldened name in the post above it will take you to his Flickr page. I can only suggest contacting him directly to ask about instructions!

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