LEGO Minecraft 2018 sets revealed [News]

There is an abundance of new sets being revealed at the moment, and the next 2018 set images we are able to share are from the Minecraft theme.  The images show new Minecraft animals and printed parts that look like fun additions, including rabbits, donkey, polar bear, chickens, a brown bear and some ‘cubic melons’.

21144 The Farm Cottage, $49.99, £64.99, 59.99€, 549 pieces.
21142  The Polar Igloo, $29.99, £39.99, 39.99€, 278 pieces.

21141 The Zombie Cave, $19.99, £19.99, 19.99€ ,241 pieces

21140 The Chicken Coop, $19.99, £19.99, 19.99€ ,198 pieces

21143 The Nether Portal, $39.99, £49.99, 49.99€ ,470 pieces

21138 The Melon Farm, $14.99, £12.99, 14.99€, 69 pieces

21139 The Nether Fight, $14.99, £12.99, 14.99€ , 84 pieces

8 comments on “LEGO Minecraft 2018 sets revealed [News]

  1. Purple Dave

    Okay, I don’t play the game, or care to get started, but I do collect all of the zombies. I can see a baby zombie in the Zombie Cave, and what looks like it’s probably a baby zombie pigman in the Nether Portal. But what is that in the Polar Igloo: a well-preserved skeleton, or a very decayed zombie that needs to be added to my horde?

  2. The Anonymous Hutt

    @Purple Dave

    That, good sir, is a Stray. It is literally a cross between a zombie and a skeleton.

  3. Taylor Connell

    @Purple Dave
    Not quite. Strays are special variant skeletons that only spawn in winter climates. They’re like normal skeletons, but they have cloth decorations (which are purely aesthetic) and all of their arrows inflict a Slowness condition on you if you get hit. It’s more accurate to call them a cross between skeletons and witches.

    Anyway. Wow, these look even better than I was hoping. The Nether Portal, with the tracks, is obviously built so that people who got both The Mountain Cave and The Nether Railway can connect the two tracks together without needing any convoluted reasons why part of the Nether would be in the Overworld or Nether Portal MOCs. (Unfortunately, that wouldn’t work in the game, I’ve tested it, but it’s still cool. ^^) Of course, since I dearly want that new Ghast, I’m now going to have to shell out for the Nether Railway. Oh well. XD

    Also, I love the new tiny battle pack sets. They should have done these ages ago. Fingers crossed they’ll turn those into the new skin packs.

    But I think we can all agree that the real star of this lineup is The Chicken Coop. That is just so perfectly Minecraft there is no friggin’ way I won’t get it.

  4. Purple Dave

    So it sounds like it’s just a fancy skeleton. I’ll pick up the two baby zombies and leave it there. And continue to hope I can stumble across a zombie LEGO Store employee…but not holding my breath about it.

  5. Håkan / Wakuran

    @Purple Dave. You might need to go to some third party service. I believe there are some that offer custom printed torsos…

  6. Purple Dave

    No, there were three LEGO Store Employee minifigs made for a manager’s conference. The first minifig was a regular store employee (US version, with tan pants, black shirt, and yellow LEGO apron), but it was pointed out that the name badge was on the wrong side of the apron (there are two holes sewn into the top of the apron where they can feed the nametag pin back through without constantly forcing it through the weave). The second was a corrected version of the first, and each manager was given a bunch to take back and hand out to their crew. The third was a zombie version of the employee, and each manager was only given one or two. I was gifted one of the corrected regular employees, but not surprisingly there aren’t a lot of people who want to give up their zombie employee. And if there were, they aren’t allowed to sell them, so they’d have to give it to someone who decided to sell it, and it’d probably go way outside of my price range.

    Word is they were jobbed out to a 3rd party, but I suspect there was a contract that forbids cranking out more.

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