Whenever there is fun, there’s always LEGO

Coca-Cola first went on sale at Jacob’s Pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia 1886. The world’s favourite soft drink was invented by Dr John Pemberton, but it was Dr Pemberton’s bookkeeper, Frank Mason Robinson, who came up with the now world-famous red-and-white logo. Pixel Junkie’s latest LEGO creation is a vintage delivery truck bringing cases of Coca-Cola to the local hardware store to be sold for a nickel each.

Classic Coke Delivery Truck

The background has some nice retro details. I love the gumball machine with advertising, the Coca-Cola vending machine, and the little crate sitting on the hand cart ready to go in the fridge. All-in-all, a great nostalgic scene built in LEGO.

Vintage Hardware Store


3 comments on “Whenever there is fun, there’s always LEGO

  1. Håkan

    That Shell part might be original, but I guess the Coca Cola parts are mostly custom stickers and prints?…

  2. Shawn Kelly

    I think that piece with the Shell logo is meant to be a Visible style gas pump, not a gumball machine. It seems a hint was placed next to it in the form of a gas can.

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