The next wave of LEGO Batman Movie sets revealed [News]

If you ever worried your favourite LEGO Batman Movie villain wasn’t chosen to become an official plastic minifigure included in a set, have a look at the newly revealed 2018 Batman Movie wave. Four news sets bring us five more of Batman enemies along with some mind-blowing Batman vehicles like an adorable Bat-Kayak. Sets will hit store shelves in January 2018, however the piece count and the prices are yet to be announced.

70923 The Bat-Space Shuttle

70921 Harley Quinn Cannonball Attack

70920 The Egghead Mach Food Fight

70919 The Justice League Anniversary Party

70918 The Bat-Dune Buggy

6 comments on “The next wave of LEGO Batman Movie sets revealed [News]

  1. Taylor Connell

    Huh . . . I mean, I knew these were coming, but . . huh.

    On the one hand, the villain sets look great – the Egghead Mech is something I wanted to see a set for, and the fact that the beat villain ever (Condiment King FTW!) is in it just means there’s no possibly way I won’t get it. And Harley Quinn’s Cannonball Attack also looks pretty good – plus it’s an easy way to get the Phantom Zone Projector, which was previously exclusive to the massive Arkham Asylum set. And while I’ll probably pass on the Bat-Dune Buggy, I can tell that they created it as a ‘budget Batmobile’ option for kids without the cash to shell out for Batman’s other big vehicles.

    The Justice League Anniversary Party, on the other hand, is a little redundant, but looks to be a good parts pack with some exclusive minifigures, so I’ll probably get it for that.

    But . . . The Bat-Space Shuttle. Do we really need yet another giant Batman vehicle? And, unlike the Batmobile, Batwing, Scuttler and Ultimate Batmobile, this one was barely even in the movie. The side-build Bat-Kayak got more attention than it. And the only exclusive minifigures are, again, a few more Batsuit variants. This definitely looks and feels redundant, and no way I’m getting it.

  2. Purple Dave

    Bat-Kayak! New Harley Quinn that I can’t remember seeing in the movie! Still no official images of the TLBM2 CMF series! Condiment King with plain-grey-nilla condiment bottles that don’t even match the movie!

  3. Palace B.

    @Travis B.

    Why would you post such a dismissive comment about another user who is simply expressing a reaction to the news story? It’s a really juvenile response.

    I’m glad the Rasta Robin suit is happening.

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