Amazing detailed recreation of a city train station in Germany

The City Station of Trossingen in Germany built by Steffen Rau is simply breathtaking. The architectural detailing and color are astounding and eye-popping, with intricate features on the facade that look like it took some marvelously complex techniques to achieve that even an architect would be proud of. The siding just below the roof which was most likely wooden gives a beautiful compliment in color to the red roof tiling and a nice contrast with the mid-section in black and white.

Trossingen Station 6

The back of the building features the train tracks and a platform with minifigure commuters waiting for their train to arrive.

Trossingen Station 5

Trossingen Station 3

Steffen even shared a bit about the construction of the detailing and the techniques used for the upper facade.

Trossingen Station Details4



It was featured as part of a larger display at the Museum Auberlehaus with a proper set of trains chugging along. Trossingen is known to have one of the oldest electrical railways.