The LEGO Ninjago Movie wave 2 set images revealed [News]

The release of The LEGO Ninjago Movie this weekend has raised Ninjago hysteria to new levels, so what better time to reveal a second wave of tie-in sets? A further four sets have been revealed with official set images, and are due to be released in December. No further details regarding parts count and US prices are available as yet. In addition, a further set, 70656 70656 garmadon Garmadon GARMADON, which had only been seen on display at SDCC earlier, is also due for December release.

70631 Garmadon’s Volcano

70632 Quake Mech

70629 Piranha Attack

70628 Spinjitzu Masters Lloyd

6 comments on “The LEGO Ninjago Movie wave 2 set images revealed [News]

  1. Mat

    The volcano looks like a fun build for children. Minifigures aren’t that interesting though for the adult collectors

  2. Colin

    Honestly that “Spinjitzu Masters” thing looks really crappy. If you want Spinjitzum you use the original spinner pieces, not a slight variant on the Airjitzu spinner! The characters can’t even fight each other in those pods!

  3. Nathan

    @FLYGUY Actually, I agree with Mat. It’s hard to tell from the photos if there are slight variations for most of those figures (different expressions, etc). But the only figure unique to this set seems to be the scientist. I think he’s great, but definitely not enough to get me excited about such an expensive set. All the other figures are available in multiple, and much cheaper, sets.

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