Don’t shatter the peace of this pool

Inspired by some of the submerged ruins found in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Joseph Z. has made imaginative use of a pane of glass to create an excellent LEGO scene — a wandering traveller taking a moment’s rest by a tranquil pool. The ruined stonework is nicely put-together, with a depth of texture suggesting both weathering and antiquity, but it’s the use of dark grey below the waterline vs the lighter grey above which caught my eye. I also like the way the grass stalks placed under the water-lilies suggest the plants’ continuation beneath the surface — it ties the above and below-water elements together, making this more than simply two different models separated by the glass. Perhaps a fish or two wouldn’t have gone amiss, but that’s nitpicking at an otherwise lovely piece of work.

Submerged Ruins

1 comment on “Don’t shatter the peace of this pool

  1. Russ Doesburg

    i love the idea of using glass as water. i agree its a bit barren in the water but that isnt necessarily a bad thing. i think if it were a little murkier it would have made more sense to be devoid of life. a simple film over the glass to give the illusion of murk would have added a lot to it.

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