Practice shooting targets with a working LEGO Desert Eagle

As a LEGO weapon builder myself, I know how difficult it is to construct a gun model that fires projectiles and manages to look the part. However, YouTuber Snyzer_Tech makes it look easy with his functional Desert Eagle replica. Though it looks a bit flashy in custom-painted gold, his magazine-fed, brick-shooting handgun is impressive in both form and function. Watch Snyzer light up some brick-built targets in this slick two-minute video.

3 comments on “Practice shooting targets with a working LEGO Desert Eagle

  1. Dave Kaleta

    I wonder what it says about TBB that this is the type of creation that is highlighted? I wonder about what the sensationalism on display in the video will have on readers, particularly young readers? Focusing on the non-technical aspects of these creations seems particularly tone-deaf. TBB could do better as a community leader.

  2. Gregg

    Are you kidding? The first things I ever built with lego as a kid were guns. I never would have dreamed they could be as cool as this though!

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