Grandma gets comfy whilst the mechanic tunes her bike

LEGO’s Collectable Minifigures lines have brought us all manner of fantasy and sci-fi creatures, but some of the most useful for builders have been the new “regular folks”. Cecilie Fritzvold has built a lovely little vignette for the Grandma figure from Series 11. She looks very comfortable in her reclining chair, and the little sitting room is packed with sweet details — the flower basket on the shelf, the biscuits in the bowl, and the nicely-striped wallpaper.

06 - Grandma

Cecilie has been building a range of these vignettes, each for a different Collectable Minifig character. I particularly liked the scene for the Mechanic from Series 10. The walls and racked tools look great, and that brick-built bike is a fine piece of work. I couldn’t help but imagine the bike belongs to Grandma, and she’s taking a load off whilst the Mechanic checks it over for her.

04 - Motorcycle Mechanic