Who wouldn’t want to live in this LEGO house?

Despite all the different “genres” in LEGO building, there’s something deeply satisfying when our beloved bricks are used to build a really nice house. This creation by betweenbrickwalls is stunning — a stylish contemporary home, with a hint of Modernism about the design. You might imagine a predominantly dark grey and tan colour scheme would look drab, but here it lends the model a smart contrast, and offsets the surrounding autumnal tones. I particularly like some of the details of the structure — those four brick fin-like pillars, and the raised section over the stream.

Autumn Stream House MOC front II

Don’t miss the detailed interior, including a beautiful spiral staircase…

Autumn Stream House MOC lounge and entrance

Some of the modern furniture on display is wonderful. The dining chairs fashioned from wheel mudguard parts are a definite highlight…

Autumn Stream House MOC kitchen overview

Like the best LEGO buildings, it’s the little touches which make the model spark. This minimalist kitchen decor is fantastic, and wouldn’t look out of place in a fancy interiors magazine…

Autumn Stream House MOC kitchen shelves

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