Ladies in tank tops win the war

In December 1941, the National Service Act made the conscription of women legal in the UK, employing those of working age in essential work for the war effort. When production of tanks, planes, boats and munitions were needed, the women of Britain were called on to come into the factories and build the war machines, and without them success would not have been possible. Martin Harris has built a tribute to these women, and his scene is set in a converted railway station, using the track as an assembly line for the British-made Churchill tanks.

Keep Calm Ladies and let's build tanks.

Women are the primary workers. However, you can see that there is an older man who has just turned up after work to help with turret placement. I had to try and forgive Martin for having a yellow faced minifigure with flesh hands in the scene …perhaps it is just me that finds that distressing to look at! The overall scene is beautifully tied together as a cohesive whole. I particularly love the old railway station backdrop with its large light fixtures and combination of glass, dark red brick and stone grey pillars.

Keep Calm Ladies and let's build tanks.

2 comments on “Ladies in tank tops win the war

  1. Jon

    The builder changed out the hands at Brickfair VA 2017. Don’t give them such a hard time, probably more sleep deprivation during setup than some kind of anti-purist statement!

  2. Elspeth De Montes Post author

    Sorry you felt I was giving the builder a hard time, actually the reason the word ‘distressing’ is in italics is because it reflected more on me and my odd LEGO obsessions that the builder. It’s all in good fun and I know Martin was not upset or….distressed…by my teasing comment on his awesome build. I rather thought my post was complimentary of his work as I loved his creation.

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