When generations intersect in a weird theme mash-up

I didn’t grow up with the classic space sets, so naturally I was never overly inspired to build in the colour scheme and building style. I did, however, grow up with classic Bionicle sets. Having built a 1:1 Toa Onua replica a while ago, I contemplated the comparison between the two themes as core nostalgic focal points of LEGO fans from different ages, which gives this casual looking MOC some surprising symbolic depth. Toa Enstau wasn’t started with an intention to be a Classic-Space/Bionicle mashup, but since I had borrowed a blue Hau kanohi mask and light gray is the easiest colour to build robotic details in, Classic Space turned out as the only logical choice.

Enstau, Toa of the Photoeffect (LL-4CR)

The build is based on my experience from my earlier system-style bionicle, but since it is a completely original creation, I had less restrictions in recreating details and shapes. I realize the solar pannels don’t fit very much in either of the stlyes, but I still decided to use them, as it makes for a more unique character and I personally like them. The figure is well articulated, but fragile. There are more pictures of other angles and poses in my Bricksafe folder.

2 comments on “When generations intersect in a weird theme mash-up

  1. Primus

    While well done, I think without the mask this would just be a Classic Space mech.

    The idea is neat but I think it would be more of a mash-up if you included more Bionicle parts in the build. As is, it’s not really a “Bionicle” MOC. If you take that mask off, it’s no longer a “Bionicle” MOC. I feel like it would be a misnomer for a Bionicle builder to classify one of their MOCs as a “System” MOC by only using a 2×4 brick in the build.

    An argument could be made that it fits the “Bionicle” theme, but I think that “Bionicle” has moved from a theme to a system of parts, and from what I’ve seen, pretty much anything “Bionicle” that sees widespread acclaim uses it as a system and not as a theme. Guys like Djokson and Retinence build a ton of MOCs that use the system but are far from the theme.

    Woof, that was longer than originally intended.

  2. Purple Dave

    I have to disagree. It’s clear to me that he used regular bricks to emulate the shape of the original Toa frame, with the torso, legs, and feet being recognizably based on the original elements. To me, this feels more like a Bionicle MOC than the endless stream of mecha that feel thematically much closer to Hero Factory than the tropical island of Mata Nui.

    Although, I do feel that Gali would have made a much more logical choice for this idea, especially with one of the trans-fluorescent yellow Kaukau misprints.

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