Put that in your pipe and smoke it

Prolific Australian builder Karf Oohlu (aka Fedde Barendrecht) makes use of the still relatively-new “macaroni pipe” piece to create a twisty bendy pipey masterpiece of greebling. I have no idea what this piece of equipment does, but I imagine it makes some immensely pleasing gurgling noises when it’s operating. Aside from the piping, the use of engine turbine inserts placed back-to-back makes for an effective gasket – I’ll be stealing that for my own models.

Pipes Aplenty

4 comments on “Put that in your pipe and smoke it

  1. Steven H.

    Karissa, you’re probably thinking of the chrome part, which is slightly different. The macaroni pipe was introduced end of last year so it is still relatively new. For a while, unless you bought the Caterham or Yellow Submarine you would not possess one.

  2. Rod Post author

    Yep Steven H. – it is a new part. It looks a lot like the old chrome pipe piece but is a whole new mold, and is very different in structure from the old one. The chrome original was apparently a nightmare which featured in a load of sets with “illegal” connections, back before LEGO got much stricter with their own designers.

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