Chunky fire truck to the rescue

It doesn’t matter what age you are — everybody loves a LEGO fire truck. This impressive beast from S Asbury doesn’t disappoint with its beefy proportions and use of custom chromed elements.


The truck is built “seven-wide” — a relatively unusual standard in the LEGO world, but one that pays off here, giving the vehicle a real sense of heft and scale. Such a design decision makes for a more complex building experience though — LEGO tends to be better-suited for even-width building. You can see how the builder has had to use a combination of plates on the underside…

Tanker 1

And what rescue vehicle would be complete without an extension selection of on-board gear. This model fully delivers, with a number of well-stocked compartments…


All-in-all, this is a cracking model — an air of the “official” LEGO City style letting it fit into any brick-built scene, but at a scale that creates some sense of realism. Big enough to tackle any rescue, small enough to still look kinda cute. Lovely.


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  1. Barry

    That underside shot doesn’t match the dimensions of the vehicle in question surely? Too much overhang at the rear, and the studs on the side behind the cab don’t match the hinge pieces shown in the top shot? Not a big deal but if you have the correct shot??

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