Eco-friendly living in the green house

They say a house is not a home without a cat, but despite being a cat-lover I would say that a house is not a home without an awesome home gym and fully equipped kitchen. I would be very happy to move into this eco-friendly sustainable Green House by Swedish builder Sarah. Extending from the rock-face, this house makes full use of the sun’s power with solar panels and lots of windows for light. The central column has a nice colour combination to tone in with the surrounding natural environment.

Green Rock House MOC exterior V

There are some clever techniques used in the construction. For example, I love the panels that surround the balcony made by slotting panes of glass into lever bases.

Green House MOC close-up exterior II

In addition, the interior is beautifully furnished, all ready for me to move in. There’s a gym with weights and pull-up bar, modern kitchen, bedroom and sitting room plus a lounger for relaxing in during those warm summer afternoons.

Green Rock House MOC gym

Green House MOC kitchen interior close-up II


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  1. Elspeth De Montes

    Bustin, it is clearly triple-glazed, thermally efficient glass on the south side of the property to maximise solar gain…this is a ‘passivhaus’ as you can tell by the lack of radiators or internal fireplaces. :-)

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