10,000 bricks bring forth a monstrous black dragon

We do not feature Bionicle and similar creations on The Brothers Brick very often, but when we do, you can be sure they will be the absolute best of the best. Such is this enormous dragon built by Yeonghun Joe. The builder loves dragons, and it shows: Two months of daily building to bring this monstrosity to life. The end result is almost a meter-long and over half-a-meter-tall, 10,000-piece masterpiece that has more going for it than just its size.


The dragon has great dynamic shaping and an intense texture throughout, achieved with elements like wing pieces, armor parts, and shields. To a critical viewer, the wings may look too skeletal, but I am glad Yeonghun did not use cloth pieces here, as it might actually diminish the effect — and a brick-built solution would definetely be too heavy. As for the head, I am pleasantly surprised; when I advise people on dragon building tecniques, I tell them not to make teeth as they more often than not look bad, but in this case and at this scale they look just as they should. Creations made of Bionicle (and related themes’) pieces are usually poseable, so I wonder – is it so with Yeonghun’s dragon as well?