Quiet on the set

It’s unclear what movie is being filmed on Aaron Newman‘s LEGO soundstage (though my money’s on Forest Gump). What is clear, however, is that Aaron has created a still life that perfectly captures a slice of “behind the scenes” movie magic. The small details like the clapboard and messy tangle of wires make this scene look like the real thing. And the camera dolly on the rails, the director’s chair, and the heavy duty lighting are masterfully built.

Where the Magic Happens

1 comment on “Quiet on the set

  1. Roloff de Jeu

    There’s some pun if you know your way around sets and the jargon that comes with filmmaking: the “Apple Boxes” on the left, which are used to even actors out or heighten props to line them up in close ups, or get low angle shots without having to lower the camera for instance. A beautiful build indeed.

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