Super-Duper Duplo Mech

Who’s the King of the Toybox? Well, I think we can answer that now. nobu-tary‘s latest LEGO mechanoid/hardsuit creation is a typically beefy beast, but tricked-out in an atypical colour scheme, accented with the use of Duplo bricks. I like the air of comic menace this thing is lugging around.


Don’t miss the rear view, with the Collectible Minifigure retro-style rocket put to excellent use as a jetpack — a perfect fit for the overall aesthetic.


Whilst I love the model, can we maybe see LEGO mechs adopting a different pose? That whole “chin down, hips forward” stance thing is becoming something of a trope — the cyberpunk equivalent of steampunk’s brown.

4 comments on “Super-Duper Duplo Mech

  1. vitreolum

    While I absolutely despise that pose, especially in non-mech figs, this is the one place where I wouldn’t want it it to be any other way. In this case it really enhances the model and makes the brick head work.

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