Malaysian townhouse is a trip back in time

Malaysian builder Marco Gan grew up the small town of Muar, but has since moved to the big city of Kuala Lumpur. Whenever he heads home to visit family, he takes time to admire the architectural styles he remembers from his younger days. He has been inspired to create delightful LEGO models — townhouses originally built by wealthy Chinese businessmen who drew their own inspiration from local and European styles.

Late "Straits" Eclectic Style Heritage Building of Muar Johor, Malaysia

MUAR 1930. Heritage Street House_5

The buildings are full of lovely details, particularly the large windows typically used in the 1930s to provide ventilation and natural lighting. It’d be nice to have a row of these models to transport us back through time and history.

MUAR 1930. Heritage Street House_7

MUAR 1930. Heritage Street House_8