Your steampunk stagecoach awaits

Dwalin Forkbeard continues his line of LEGO Steampunk builds and floating vehicles with this odd stagecoach. Gone are the wheels, replaced with a hot-air balloon to keep it afloat — creating a really interesting little build. The simple base serves to make the whole thing more substantive, and there’s some minimal Photoshop trickery to make it look like the coach is flying. I particularly like the use of the gold sprue section as a door handle — most people throw that part away once they’ve snapped the Ninjago shuriken pieces off it!

Steampunk Stagecoach

3 comments on “Your steampunk stagecoach awaits

  1. Johnny Johnson

    Well, those ropes clearly aren’t able to suspend the balloon pieces (Or else my first guess would’ve been that there’s a support beam behind the coach coming off of the base, where the camera can’t see it). Closer inspection reveals that the top of the balloon is ‘shopped, meaning the whole coach really is being suspended from the air.

    Awesome build, and that sprue looks great!

  2. Jordan Perry

    If you zoom in on the original resolution photo, you can see the Photoshop edits. There are little bits of string at the top of the balloon, and the background repeats itself fairly obviously (well, obvious at super-high resolution).

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