Hong Kong LEGO stores offer limited edition space-themed mini builds [News]

It’s great to see how collaboration between LEGO and the AFOL community can bear fruit. In conjunction with the Hong Kong LEGO User Group (HKLUG), LEGO has produced an instruction booklet and promotional giveaway models to coincide with the launch of the 21309 NASA Saturn V. Buyers of the Saturn V will receive the limited edition booklet and bricks to build of one of five designs contained within it.

Space Mini builds for HK LCS promotion

A big challenge for the builders (but probably the funnest part) was to constrain their designs to readily available Pick-a-Brick wall elements, so that buyers of the Saturn V and this instruction guide could easily build their free model by heading to the PAB wall – which LEGO made sure was stacked up with the right parts. I’d say that’s a brilliant idea!

It’s great to know that the HKLUG design team are familiar builders that have been featured previously here on TBB, and who now have the pleasure and honor of sharing their work with a wider community. Well done gentlemen!

This astronaut by David Liu is probably my favourite, with a simple theme yet providing the right body bulk and shape of a space explorer.

A space shuttle by Chiukeung has a great feature – a robotic arm seldom seen in smaller builds – and captures the essence of a mission in progress.

Builder Bob Chai creates not one but two builds – the planet Earth and a lunar rover. I love the details of the micro shuttle, and the satellite circling the Earth really brings it to life.

The lunar rover looks like it could easily seat two spacemen minifigures for hours of play and fun!

Last but not least is the Hubble Space Telescope by Lysander Chau. True to the shape and design of the original, no space themed collection without be complete without this telescope.

With the commendable effort of HKLUG and excellent partnership by LEGO, we hope to see more examples of community contribution like this in the future!

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