Meeting the LEGO designers in Billund

The Brothers Brick were at the LEGO Idea House in Billund, Denmark yesterday speaking with LEGO designers from the Star Wars, Ideas, Boost, Creator Expert and Architecture teams, along with the TT Games team behind LEGO Worlds.

Star Wars Creative Director Jens has spent 18 out of the 19 years he has worked for LEGO dedicated to the Star Wars theme. You will be able to hear about Jens’ “dark side” moments of saying “no” to certain set ideas, plus his opinions on stickers, UCS sets, and much more.

Carl Merriam, one of the co-designers of the new LEGO Ideas Saturn V set, gives an entertaining view of the new LEGO Boost theme. We had a chance to play with Vernie the expressive robot and Frankie the harmonica playing cat. Frankie loves cuddles and will purr or squawk depending on your cat carrying technique.


We also chatted with Joe, a LEGO designer who works on LEGO Minecraft and was involved in designing the theme’s biggest and newest sets. He talks us through some of the new LEGO parts that originated in Minecraft and explains how to capture a digital world “in the brick”.

Jamie Berard is now a Creative Lead for both the Architecture and Creator Expert themes, and has worked on recent Modular buildings such as the Parisian Restaurant, Brick Bank, and Assembly Square.  We ask him about his own favourite sets, why the Marina Sands set was so restricted in its release, if South America will feature in an upcoming Architecture set, and more.

We also spoke to the teams behind LEGO Worlds and LEGO Life to find out more about those products and the latest news and developments from these themes. As LEGO integrates the physical brick with the digital world and changing technologies, we find out more about how “playing well” will develop online. LEGO Life Team Lead Robert Lowe answers of our questions, demonstrates the app, and drinks coffee from his corporate mug.

Even Brigit, a receptionist at the LEGO Ideas House, loves to play with LEGO and has no fear of opening a LEGO umbrella indoors – because there’s no such thing as bad luck in LEGOLAND! We loved her guerilla building style of making small models and hiding them in the ceiling spaces around her workspace.


So stay tuned for detailed interviews, probing questions, concept art, prototypes and sweet music from a harmonica-playing cat, all directly from the home of LEGO.

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