An exotic bird of a heavenly blue colour

There seems to be a persisting presence of bird builds in the LEGO community, more so than other animals. Now Paul Lee joins the fun with his recreation of a Hyacinth Macaw. It is one of my favourite kinds of parrots personally, but I never expected it to be the bird of choice for nearly anyone else. While the legs are simplistic (still realistic), the facial detail and feather texture more than make up for it.

Hyacinth Macaw

1 comment on “An exotic bird of a heavenly blue colour

  1. Paul Lee

    LOL. Simultaneously honored and roasted!

    FYI, this was built for my LUG’s monthly Bronze Builder Challenge. The special element was the fender pieces used to frame the eyes. It just started with messing around with the element, trying to see ways of using them to not make an obvious car.

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