LEGO Ideas 21310 Old Fishing Store revealed [News]

LEGO has just revealed full details and images of its latest addition to the LEGO Ideas range of fan-created sets: 21310 Old Fishing Store, based on a design by Dutch builder Robert Bontenbal. The set contains 2049 bricks and will be available from September 1st, 2017 for a recommended retail price of USD 149.99 / EURO 149.99 / GBP 139.99. Official set description and box shots are included below. Get your hooks and lines ready to reel in this beauty in the Fall!

Find all the gear you need for a fantastic fishing trip at the Old Fishing Store! Walk up the steps from the beach into the shop selling fishing rods, hooks, harpoons, diving equipment, oxygen tanks and much more. Climb the ladder to the top of the watchtower and look through the telescope to enjoy the view. Then relax and read the newspaper in the office. Just make sure the cat or seagulls don’t eat the freshly caught fish hanging outside!

The Old Fishing Store is ideal for display and role-play, this model has 2 removable roofs, an opening back wall in the shop for easy access, 4 minifigures, cat and 3 seagull figures, as well as loads of other cool details and elements to fire up the imagination.

Don’t miss our interview with the LEGO Ideas design team behind this new set!

8 comments on “LEGO Ideas 21310 Old Fishing Store revealed [News]

  1. coxee

    Looks great. I remember this set in the Lego Ideas, but didn’t think it got chosen by Lego? Was there a U turn decision I missed or something?

  2. Elam Birnbaum

    I am frankly surprised this got picked up by Lego as its is pretty big and very different from what they have done before. But it seems Lego is coming out with more and more large sets, I guess they don’t see much loss in sales when prices are > $100. I love just how detailed it is but as with all expensive sets I have to manage my Lego budget accordingly 8-)

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